Welcome to Dataleon Developer Guide
The Dataleon API is structured around REST. Having predictable resource-oriented URLs, our APIs accept form-encoded request bodies, return JSON responses and use standard HTTP response codes, authentication and HTTP methods.


Please find below the brief introduction to API documentation.

Get started

  • Concepts – basic information on Dataleon, its REST structure, JSON-encoding, supported formats, requests, and responses.
  • File uploading guide – explaining how to upload files, their acceptable formats and sizes.
  • Error handling – status codes, error codes, error categories, HTTP statuses, attributes.
  • Models feedbacks – Send feedbacks errors models from API production.
  • OCR supported languages – a list of languages supported by OCR.
  • Versioning - API upgrages guide
  • API libraries – official libraries for different programming languages.




Before starting API integration, please make sure you have the following:
  • Access to Dataleon application (please sign up or request credentials at [email protected])
  • Understanding REST API & HTTP concepts
  • Postman testing skills or using the following packages:
    • NodeJS (requests)
    • Python (requests)
    • Java
    • .NET
    • Ruby